Stair protector Multi for straight stairs

One of the oldest and best-known Palavaneri products is our plywood stair protector for prefabricated stairs. Our innovative stair protector is another Key Flag product with over 400,000 pieces manufactured and sold.

Over the last three years, all of our production has moved over to the Multi model.

Included in the Multi stair protector delivery:

  • starter piece (1/flight)
  • protector pieces
  • end piece (1/flight)
  • regular and concrete screws for the starter and end piece
  • installation instructions

You can use our stair protectors to protect even the longest stairwells in minutes. Our stair protectors come standard with slip protection that allows water, dust and air to move circulate out between the step and the protector.

The standard-size Multi stair protector can be used with the following stairs:

  • tread depth 270 mm (straight riser)
  • tread depth 300 mm (straight or angled riser)
  • step height tolerance 110–195 mm
  • straight floating (mono-stringer) stairs with a tread depth of 270 mm, if the tread is 40 mm thick* (no restrictions on 300 mm treads).

* For 40 mm treads or when the step clearance is less than 120 mm, the protector will be built with a lower back strip or a custom protector depth and installed like a standard 300 mm stair protector.

Stair protectors for straight floating stairs with treads thicker than 40 mm will be built with a lower back strip or using a custom protector depth.

Stair protectors are joined with screws to the front cover of the next protector piece, forming a protective structure that spans the entire flight of stairs. The starter and end piece are used to secure the structure in place for the whole flight.

Worksite conditions can make it extremely challenging to protect stairs, so by ordering ready-made stair protectors, you can save time for more meaningful challenges. 

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reusable over multiple installations
  • Robust
  • Safe for work

Get in touch ahead of time and attach the stair manufacturer's diagrams and specifications to your request for quotation. We will figure out the rest for you!

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